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SAME for holistic learning.

Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education or SAME provides the platform for thousands of students to learn lessons at the same time, through LIVE sessions from accredited academic experts drawn from various parts of the country. In this manner, teachers reach out to rural & urban poor students who have not had quality education before. Multimedia content improves the conceptual understanding of subjects among students, and they retain & recall subject information efficiently over a longer period.




It is our experience that the single-teacher, blackboard instruction typically provided by most schools can be vastly improved by infusing animated content and multimedia - based learning. This is because such lessons can be taught in different languages, there is no monotony as something is happening on the screen and ultimately students can retain these impressions for a long time and recall them with clarity when needed.

Hence we have developed in-house teams of subject matter experts and animation content developers to create custom-made lessons in multimedia. We have adapted a scientific, multi-staged development process which revolves around how students actually learn.


Vocational Training

Gumbi is a registered Vocational Training Provider under MES (Modular Employability Skills) Courses, Govt. of India. VTP upskills the individual so that s/he can seek better employment opportunities. Our programs have encouraged trainees to think differently and innovate with the source of earning. Our blended approach centralizes teaching via LIVE satellite classes from industry experts and provides classroom-based training by local trainers at each centre. This trainer also acts as a facilitator during LIVE sessions from the studio. Our VTP includes Mobile Repair, Hardware & Networking, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Communication Skills. Successful trainees earn suitable certification from industry partners.




Tablet Based Learning
Tablet-based Tele-Education is an extension of classroom-based Tele-Education. This new age technology is an effective medium of instruction when managed sensibly. In this method, LIVE sessions are streamed to students' tablets in real time, hence they can learn at any location including their home. Stored content is also provided for offline usage. This model is expected to specifically benefit rural girl children in case of additional programs held after school hours and also students with special needs.



Turnkey Solutions
Gumbi provides turnkey solutions to broadcasting studios. It can study, recommend, supply, install, test and commission any & all equipment towards setting up a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio. Thus the complete set of services can be provided to make the setup operational in the shortest possible time. Gumbi also caters to fill in manpower requirements and assist with studio management services.

The highly skilled Gumbi team can chart the complete road map to establish all the processes necessary for studio operations. In this manner they facilitate the meeting of technological & training targets by our clients in an effective manner to earn the best possible returns on their investments.