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An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore and MSRIT Bangalore, Harsha Mahabala started his entrepreneurial journey right in his engineering days with a vision to bridge the gap between urban and rural education.

As an engineering student, Harsha developed a device that made satellite education more affordable and multi-way live and interactive classes a reality. As Gumbi’s Director and Chief Executive Officer, he provides technology thought leadership, builds broader business relationships, nurtures partnerships and directs projects.
Ardent and charismatic, Harsha identifies with a natural, warm and giving leadership style that is transformational in effect. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to bring together people from varied backgrounds in such a manner that they are mutually complementary and guarantee a strong team that is oriented towards success.



An alumnus of SDM College of Engineering, Dharwad, Soorya embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with the clear idea of ‘making things work’ in the area of education, especially for underprivileged students from rural areas.

Soorya has spearheaded the exponential growth of Gumbi Software right from its start in 2006. He has a strong focus on evolving and strengthening strategic partnerships with various agencies in the Government sector, to understand requirements and offer workable solutions. Being rooted in the present and envisioning the many demands that the future is likely to hold, Soorya proactively adapts Gumbi’s delivery model to ensure that the objectives are met in an optimal fashion, armed as he is with a deep understanding of the education sector and a keen business sense.




Mr. Nandakumar has more than 30+ years of experience in Business Development and International Relations.



VP – Human Resources

Shridhar Bhat has always been in the forefront, initiating new products & services for Gumbi and executing them effectively through an ideal talent pool. His keen ability to evaluate candidates and utilize their strengths has led to the significant growth of Gumbi Software.

Shridhar’s ability to manage people has created and maintained a significant impact on the organization. His team has successfully created offerings that further Gumbi’s high commitment, high performance culture. Apart from managing the resources Shridhar is also actively involved in teaching and conducting seminars in the field of Computer Science. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an MBA from Manipal University.


VP - Broadcast Division

Responsible for handling Operations and Management of Government Studios, Implementation and maintenance of Satellite interactive centers, Business Development and Team Management.

Successfully managed Broadcasting Projects, System Designing, Implementation, Training, Operations and maintenance of Studios, CAMC and Operations of Up-link Station (HUB), Turnkey projects

Techno commercial & market research with a varied background in Next Generation Solutions for Digital Media Broadcasting and the VSAT/Communication industry with experiences in architecting & solutions on turnkey basis. In depth knowledge of global broadcast and digital media market space with a solid background.

Some of the Experiences include
24X7 CEC-UGC Higher Education Satellite Channel of MHRD called Vyas channel, Virtual Studio for EDUCATIONAL MULTIMEDIA RESEARCH CENTRE, UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR, Virtual Studio for Punjabi University Patiala, Production Studio and Virtual Studio of EMRC-IIT Roorkee, EMRC Jodhpur, EMRC Indore, EDUSAT Setup for - Delhi Technical University, Department of Coligate , Karnataka, RCI New Delhi.


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Gumbi Software - Redefining Education