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“G‐Track” IS A TECHNOLOGY-ENABLED MONITORING AND INFORMATION SYSTEM. It is effective as a Remote Monitoring and Management software. G‐Track utilizes 3G, 2G or Wi‐Fi connectivity with either J2ME or Android based mobile/tablet. On the mobile/android, the teacher takes an image which is automatically time‐stamped. Using 2G/3G/ Wi‐Fi connectivity it is sent to the local/centralized server. The picture is then processed with an effective image processing algorithm on the server, which extracts all the relevant data such as the number of candidates, date taken & time etc. Powerful MIS in the background provides all the required reporting which can be customized to individual client needs. Also has an online web‐portal to provide constant updates to parents/principals/officers.

Why is it an effective tool?

Utilizes centralized data repository. Connected to school database.

Powerful Management Information Science.

Reporting tool accessible at the touch of a button/click of a mouse for Education Officer, Secretary and Commissioner.

Constant updates for Parents via SMS or online portal.

Add-on tool – Health and clinic integration.


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Gumbi Software - Redefining Education