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G‐School is very flexible and complete multi‐module School Management Software, designed and developed to enhance the administrative efficacy of any educational institution. It has a user‐friendly architecture, with various levels of authentication and many automated processes, which makes it very resourceful for providing valuable asset to the institution. The modules are both available via local area networks and the web, to make it very readily accessible.


Features of G-SCHOOL

Attendance Management
A complete attendance management system which keeps track of student as well as employee attendance.
Payroll Management
Payroll management helps you manage the payment for all the employees according to the attendance, schedule and other preferences.
Staff Management
Staff Management keeps track of records of all the employees in the institution along with the schedule and other details.
Timetable Management
Staff and student timetable can be allocated with ease of use. It allows a very versatile allocation which prevents tedious process.

Fee Management
Fee Management provides a detailed view of the fees paid by the student towards tuitions, exams, etc. for authorized personnel at all times.
Library Management
A complete Library management to keep track of all the books in the school and logs of in and out records. A powerful tool to search through the inventory.
Automation Process
Many mundane tasks such as letters & marks card printing, etc. are automated.
Reporting Module
Provides invaluable information to the school management regarding pass percentage, attendance and performance etc. with very colourful graphical presentation.


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Gumbi Software - Redefining Education