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“G-EDUTOOL” (Su-DarshanYantra) is a first-of-its-kind audio-video instructional system, tested and approved by IISc Bangalore, ETDC- STQC Labs, GOI and many more. It is immensely helpful in educating the children. Even a computer-illiterate person can use this device comfortably for teaching and presentations, and can receive & transmit the satellite signals. The content can be recorded and stored in the device for revision.
Su- Darshan Yantra was developed keeping in mind the need for innovative learning solutions, which cover core curriculum, bestow knowledge and empower the recipient which makes learning an exciting activity..

Product Features

Portable Plug-and-play device.

No computer/ TV required.

Fully remote-controlled unit.

Computer-illiterate operable.

Screen size up to 100 sq.feet (25 times of a 29 inches colour TV).

160 GB of data storage (extendable up to 1 TB).

Branded speaker with inbuilt amplifier.

Inbuilt Operating System and Antivirus.

Can be used as multimedia projector.

High-clarity and High-resolution videos and animation can be loaded.

Unique features of Su-Darshan Device

Instead of keyboard and mouse only a remote controller is used.

Computer knowledge is not required to operate the device.

Teacher can interact by moving around the class and control the content flow by using the remote control.

30 minutes of training is sufficient to make the teachers perfect to use Su-Darshan device.

No Operating System is required.

Completely immune against virus.


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Gumbi Software - Redefining Education