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Shaping a billion dreams may sound impossible, but we are all set to realise it, in thousands at a time! We are Gumbi Software, a techno-education company based in Bangalore, spreading the joy of learning across India and other developing countries. We are backed by technology, people and requisite aid from forward looking local and national Governments and organisations to support our vision.


We are Educators, Animators and Technology Infrastructure Architects.

Our technology is a combination of VSAT and Internet.

We have pioneered SAME - Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education.

We believe that something is worth doing only if it is done with a purpose.

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Application Software
Gumbi has complete road map to business processes that help customers to meet the business requirements of the enterprise, which increases efficiency and productivity in return of technology investments.
Animation Development
We deliver animations that are at par with the best in the industry.They include 2D Animation, Cartoon Animation, Flash Animation, Special Effects, Short Films, Multimedia Applications, Presentation & Demonstration.
Moblile App Development
We have our development team to develop mobile apps based on our various customers and government organizations on various platforms like: iPhone IOS, Android, Windows Mobile apps and J2ME.
Vocational Training –MES Scheme
Gumbi is registered organization under Department of Employment and Training to provide MES (Modular Employable scheme) courses. We offer a wide range of courses approved by the Department, for the benefit of rural unemployed youths.
Studio & Center‐ Setup Mgmt
Gumbi has many “Communication & Network Engineers” who are responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing of network infrastructure and application components, for both the studios and centers of our e‐learning network.
Academic Support
We Provide Center-based Mass Learning and Tablet-based Individualized academic support to thousands of students.

Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education for Rural Schooling & Vocational Training

Affordable Holistic Solutions for Africa



  • “Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop. This is something Gumbi has to never worry about.”

    Josephine Doe, Business person
  • I am very impressed with the work and support of Gumbi Software. Thanks to them i am now leading an army of professionals of my own.

    Jack Doe, Entrepreneur


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Gumbi Software - Redefining Education
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